About Me

I’m Jessy

I started my little waffle hub in February 2018 at 24 years old after months of trekking to markets and filling my 1964 bug to the brim with equipment and batter. I decided to take the leap and open my first store and hire the Jessy’s Team. We started with just 3 tables and no clue. We have evolved into our shop today hope to keep evolving.

I started selling my waffles in markets but the goal was always to have a spot I could call my own. My Vegan and Gluten free recipe took months of testing before I found a combination that worked well. I know the secret was simplicity and good ingredients.

I love Vegan baking and love the science behind mixing different components to get different reactions. My favorite challenge is recreating desserts and making them Vegan.

Our mission is to serve up delicious cruelty free nostalgic treats that make you want to do a little dance while you eat. Our food and drinks are all gluten free so we can satisfy those tummies that have not been able to eat this type of food in a while.


Our Team


Owner and creator of Jessy’s Waffles


King is one of the longest standing members at Jessy’s and is the ‘father’ of the group. If you’ve seen him in store then you’ve seen his massive smile


The sweetest of sweet, Next time you are in store pop her a big smile.


One of our fierce kitchen chickas, she is the youngest and the cutest but boy does she make a good waffle.